About MCN Technologies

The company is founded by Ram Penke with a group of young technologists to develop innovative products in the area of PC-TV Convergence and Network Streaming products. Satya Dixit, who served previously in marketing and business development management roles in C-Cube Microsystems, Philips Semiconductor and Maxim Integrated Products helps in advisory role in building key business partnerships and alliances. MCN partners with some of the leading silicon valley semiconductor companies that produces H.264 codec chips and engaged in development of several cutting edge technologies.

Ram Penke
Ram Penke, CEO and founder of MCN technologies has vast experience in the areas of multimedia computing and networked audio video communications. He obtained his masters in computer science and engineering from IIT Bombay, India and worked in several silicon valley companies such as C-Cube Micro Systems, Cloudshield Technologies, LSI Logic, Conexant Systems and ServerEngines in technical and management roles. He headed the teams responsible for developing several cutting edge technologies in the areas of multimedia, VoIP, video conferencing and network security. He was instrumental in developing several system level, cost efficient products targeted towards mass markets.
Satya Dixit
Satya Dixit, co-founder of MCN Technologies is an international entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in engineering management with knowledge of OEMs, ODMs, Semiconductor Manufacturing companies, Distribution Networks.   Spearhead successful market penetration / product launches for emerging technology companie.  Open new markets, launch products, drive growth, generate revenue, win market share, improve margins.  He advises MCN Technologies in setting the direction for Marketing, Business Development and Product Positioning. Satya Dixit has worked as a Director in the areas of Product Marketing, Customer Management, Eco-system development in C-Cube Microsystems / LSI Logic, Philips / NXP Semiconductors, Maxim Integrated Products. Satya Dixit was a United Nations consultant and travelled the world training corporate, government institutes, and public sectors.   He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Mysore University and Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science.