Most of the MCN's products are powered by MG3500/MG2580. MG3500 is Maxim's highly integrated, low-power, HD H.264 codec SoC ideal for today's consumer, PC, broadcast, and security markets. Visit for more information on MG3500/MG2580 or Maxim Integrated Products Partner Page.

MCN developed USB Video Class (UVC 1.0a and 1.1) software stack for MG3500 SoC that helps in accelerating the MG3500/MG2580 based HD Webcam product development. The stack also implements playback and transcoding functions in addition to capture and exposes through UVC protocol. It has support for all popular video formats such as YUV,MJPEG, MPEG2 and H264/MP2T. MCN also provides consultancy services for the software/firmware development for MG2580/MG3500 based designs.


MCN's Onyx Virtual Studio uses Intel's Qucik Sync Video technology. Onyx Virtual studio when running on Intel platforms can support simultaneous generation of multiple srtreams with different resolutions ranging from VGA to 720p HD. Onyx Virtual Studio also uses Intel Performance primitives along with Intel Media SDK for video preprocessing and post processing operations and audio encoding and decoding.